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Circles of Light is a life changing book published May 2016, aims to facilitate self-awareness and challenges the way people may live with the wrong or no purpose and provides a step- by-step guide to change.

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When Ed Wadie started his career in healthcare, he held several leadership positions with global firms in different parts of the world.

In the last twenty years, Ed’s focus changed to helping people rediscover their emotional and spiritual strengths in order to face life’s challenges.

As a John Maxwell certified leadership coach, Ed' job is to sharpen people skills in order to succeed in their career and personal life. Ed always had a dream to see positive change happen to more people through his teaching. He wrote Circles of Light as a tool to share his ideas on how to make this planet a better place for people to live.

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Transform In 3 Minutes

This video is about life of Ed Wadie, Author of Circles of Light, and how he was inspired to write his first book and the reasons he believes this book can change the entire world.