* Your referral should buy the same package as yours or a higher package

** Each one of your two referrals should buy the same package as yours or a higher package 

Clients offered programs at a special discounted price are not qualified for this offer

Our referral program is subject for change without prior notice. Terms & Conditions Apply.

Ed Wadie is a Certified Executive Coach by John Mattone, former coach of Steve Jobs.

Coaching Referral Program:

We value your business and we would like to extend a special offer to you and your friends. If you encourage a friend or family member to  buy one of our coaching packages, we will reward you with 50% off your coaching fees*.

If you encourage two friends or family members to each buy one of our coaching packages, GUESS WHAT? you will get your coaching totally FREE. ** 

Intelligent Leadership (IL) Executive Coaching is results-oriented; we will strengthen and ignite each executives’ inner-core as a foundation to helping each executive strengthen and ignite their outer-core. Executives I work with will improve their leadership skills because they (1) will discover what their inner-core strengths are while learning how and why these strengths “spill-over” to their outer-core leadership skills (so they continue leveraging); they will also uncover their inner-core weaknesses and learn how and why they can derail their effectiveness as a leader; and (2) they will discover specific outer-core strategies they can use everyday that will strengthen whatever skills they are working on as part of their ILDP.

We will strengthen each leaders outer-core skills: Critical Thinking, Strategic Thinking; Emotional Leadership; Communication Skills—speaking, listening, executive presence, presentation skills, etc., Talent Leadership, Team Leadership, Change Leadership, Drive for Results, etc.