Circles of Light

Are you devastated by the evil that surrounds the whole world?

Do you want to see the deep roots behind mankind’s sabotage, killing and envy?

If you want to deliberately work toward a better change for yourself, your family and your community, but don’t know how, THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU!

This book will navigate you through root causes, focusing on the reasons for the great evil in this world, and will propose a step-by-step guide on how you can become part of the solution—no matter your location, position or rank.

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As humans, we often look around us and see the evil and destruction at hand, and yet we somehow think that it is not our responsibility.  We read the horrific news headlines and blame the people who committed the crimes for being the reason our world is where it is today.  In the midst of decreasing morality and increasing darkness, Ed Wadie presents a challenge that will change the way you view the world.  Starting with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, Circles of Light discusses the fall of mankind, evil entering into the human DNA, and the power of the cross of Christ to break the circle of darkness that all humanity is trapped in.  Not only does this book open your eyes to many issues at hand, it provides practical ways to make a change in your community.  With critical thinking questions at the end of each chapter to tools for sharing your vision, Circles of Light is more than simply another book, but an invitation to make a change in the world.”

-Mary-Cathryn Gergis

If you are a simple, ordinary person with a heart for a better world but don’t know how and what, this book is for you!  You will be inspired to take new steps to spread your own unique light in a dark world that is slowly heading towards destruction.  You will sense a loud cry that challenges what we have long accepted as ‘status quo’ and exposes the truth behind many sugar-coated lies.  Each chapter provides a simple practical guide on how to be and lead the change you want to see in your immediate community. If you have longed for purpose in a meaningless world, pick up this book and follow the author's guidance - on your own or in small groups - and be ready to make a difference! “

-Amy Elias

“This book “Circles of Light” achieved the “difficult equation” rule by being:
Informative and concise.
Easy to read and professional.
Suits well both individuals and groups.
Reading this book, you feel a friend is talking to you, very interesting, very informative, very professional and very practical.
The structure of this book is especially unique: You read a detailed summary of many crucial concepts and rules that are good for both your everyday life and your spiritual life.
This book is a life changing book. I encourage you to read it if you want a change in your society and don’t know from where to start.”

-Paul Assad (Boules Boshra)

"We live in a world that is changing so fast, but unfortunately it is getting darker, morality is becoming more relative, and tolerating evil has become the norm. I wonder what will happen to our children growing in this world; what will they become? Who will they look up to? What is ok and what is not ok? Where are our limits and borders?. Ed Wadie is touching all of these questions and more in his book, discussing the darkness that has surrounded us and entangled our children, society, and community. I personally love the questions he asks at the end of every chapter to open our eyes to the reality that is surrounding us. This book is an eye opening tool and not an accusation tool, it was written to wake you up and look at yourself and not go out and judge others. We are the circles of light in the midst of this darkness. This book is your tool to shine your light in this darkness.”

- Fady Gergis